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Post  Wolf Trainer on Fri Sep 14, 2012 7:52 pm

As odd as this is, this alliance has a rather long history, starting with, oddly enough, BYM’s least favorite troll, going by the name “lht10”. Now you may be thinking “started by troll, really?” and I assure you, it is not as it seems. The original thread, made by lht10, was almost literal crap, and died rather quickly.
However, a brony named TheFacelessOne decided to make a new Brony thread, and so our history truly began. Everything went along nicely, everypony came and checked it out, many even joined. But unfortunately, the admins found it excessively spammy with images, and locked it. Of course, TFO went ahead and made another thread, and added a new rule, rule 5 specifically, to have no picture spam, and so we prospered under his lead for a while, but then, a rather complex problem arose.

It became apparent that if for any reason TFO were to leave Kongregate, the alliance would not be able to be managed. With that thought in mind, members of the alliance got together with TFO and came to a conclusion. After much discussion, it was decided to make a new profile, of which would be handed down to each new leader. That issue was fixed, and for a very long period of time, there were no issues between the members of the thread, and the moderators or admins of the Kongregate forums.

But sadly, around the one thousand and five-hundredth page, something happened. Our sister thread, the Bronies in OT (Off Topic) were attacked by new "Bronies" that trolled the thread into a permanent lock. In doing this, this drew the remainder of the moderator's and admin's attention to Our thread. And soon after, issues started arising between the members and moderators of Kongregate. It became apparent that We needed a new home, one that allowed us 100% control, and near 100% freedom. We searched for other places in Kongregate to call home, but found none.

With the help of one of our members, Baryski, we were able to make ourselves a new home! A place where We can moderate our community, and not have a "foreign" non-member of the community manage us. We hope that this is our final resting place as a community. We hope that this home provides us with all that we ever need, and all that we ever wanted.

Name of new site provided by Heartless.
Site specifics provided by Baryski.

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