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Community Rules (Must Read) Empty Community Rules (Must Read)

Post  Wolf Trainer on Mon Sep 17, 2012 6:17 pm

1. Be respectful to each other. I know this sounds like a given but sometimes it does need to be reminded.

2. Do not flame other people on this site. If they disagree with something, its their right, as long as they are still being respectful while disagreeing. If they are flamming, then just flag their post and let them be, a mod or admin will take it from there.
Twi Rage

3. Keep the material in the threads related to the thread. Ex: If its a pony thread, keep it pony-related.
AJ Hay

4. Do not post any inappropriate pictures outside of the borderline or R34 threads.
Derpy Despise

5. Keep any ranting or raging outside of the main threads. Keep things like that in the rant section of the site. If its a more personal issue between you and another member, then try to keep it in the PMs. (Note that this section of the site will be a little more lenient on rules for obvious reasons.)
PP Pinkamena

6. No thread spamming/whoring. It makes managing things very hard for the mods and admins, and it serves no purpose. All threads must have a reason to exist, and must do their best to stay on that reason.
R Aske

7. No R34 avatars, and no R34 or suggestive signatures.
- If the suggestive signature is not too suggestive, it can be approved by the admins. At such point that single Signature will be allowed.
FS Blush

Rule(s) added as of 2/15/2013:

8. No attacking one's Religion, or Religion at all. Debating Religions is allowed, but not attacking it. (Ex. God doesn't exist, He hates all, He is a murderer, He causes all wars)
Luna Dissapoint
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