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Zard's random art edits... mostly just of the color

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Zard's random art edits... mostly just of the color Empty Zard's random art edits... mostly just of the color

Post  Lordleelee2/ZardBrood Fri Feb 15, 2013 8:29 pm

Yea I'm off my lazy ass and the gallery thing may not have worked as I planned for it to. (Sorry Wolf) So I'm just making this here.
I'll put the original piece of work above all of the edited ones. Sadly I only have SC ones.... I'll get others soonish. ohh yea I forgot... I have only used Paint.Net...
The original one of most of my edited ones......
Very original edit I made to it
The one I'm proud of that I'm still working on, on another file

The Terran Dominion original
And the blue version I have of this one, Kinda like a rebellion esque feel for me

Original Zerg one
The one I use on steam and skype

Now for this, the original of the very first image edits I've ever
And here is the sketch version of it
And here is the very first one I ever did!

I got more being worked on... Check back from time to time!

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